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Nikon Launches New Ultra Slim & Bridge Cameras

Gordon Kelly


Nikon Launches New Ultra Slim & Bridge Cameras

As if the news of the Olympus PEN E-PL1 hadn't gotten us in enough of a digital camera frenzy - here comes Nikon to stir things up even more.

Appealing to, well... just about every mainstream price bracket, Nikon has unveiled a raft of new digicams including two very exciting new models: the skinny 'S8000' and power packed superzoom 'P100'. The former is dubbed the 'World's slimmest wide angle 10x zoom camera' - which is a little like saying the world's fastest man over a 10 metre distance, in flip flops, after a curried egg sandwich - but at just 27.3mm thick few will complain.

Furthermore, the S8000 has a 14.2MP sensor, records 720p HD video at 30fps and has such niceties as vibration reduction, motion detection and a best shot selector. All at a cusp-of-waiting-for-the-review-price of £249.99.

As for the P100, this funky beasty packs in a 26x optical zoom alongside a 10.3MP sensor and a 3200 ISO. Macro shots can also be done from just 0.4in and there's built in HDR, Full HD video recording at 30fps (watch those memory cards dissolve) and a 3in 460,000 dot LCD. RRP? £349.99

Elsewhere we also have the £199.99 12.1MP 15x superzoom, 720p HD recording 'L110', the 14.2MP, 7x optical zoom, 720p recording 'S6000' compact, 12MP, 4x optical zoom, 720p recording, 3in touchscreen 'S4000' compact and £109.99 12MP, 4x optical zoom, 2.7in, VGA recording 'S3000' (below). Lastly, there is the low end £79.99 12MP, 3.6x optical zoom, 3in VGA recording 'L22'. Pricing for the S6000 and S4000 are to be confirmed.

Yes, I rather ripped through all those, but normal companies (Canon aside) release a few models at a time, not in squadrons. So there's probably a lesson in there somewhere...


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