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Nike And TomTom Launch Nike+ Sportwatch


Nike And TomTom Launch Nike+ Sportwatch

Nike has teamed up with TomTom to produce the Sportwatch to help runner track the miles they put in. Even armchair athletes will be able to check how far they have travelled to the fridge thanks to the inbuilt GPS functionality.

As well as GPS tracking, the watch also works with the Nike+ sensor which can be attached to a runner's laces or inserted into a compatible Nike shoe to measure distance and pace based on footfalls. This means not only will it work in places where GPS coverage is poor, runners can equally can monitor their progress on a treadmill when they aren't actually going anywhere.

Stefan Olander, VP of Nike Digital Sport says: "The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a game-changing product that furthers our commitment to provide all athletes with unparalleled motivation and the tools to get better."

The watch is the latest addition to the deluge of products aimed at the fitness market and we can report that it feels very comfortable and light, with unobtrusive buttons which don't come into contact with the wrist when excercising. Thankfully, Nike has avoided the design trend of placing the watch face at a jaunty angle, a rediculous feature of timepieces designed by people who presume that athletes are to lazy to turn their arm at a natural angle to check the time.

The Sportwatch has a USB connector which is hidden in the strap's buckle, therefore not compromising the design for the sake of connectivity. This syncs up with Nike's software so that athletes can check on their performance and share their acheivements with Nike's running community.

As well as the easy-access buttons, the watch screen can be tapped to activate the backlight and register a lap. Other features include Heart Rate Monitor compatibility, achievement history and a post-run, err, rundown.

No word on price yet, but it launches 1 April in the US and UK and the rest of the world on 1 July.

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