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Nexus S Price Slashed By £120 [Updated]

David Gilbert


Nexus S Price Slashed By £120 [Updated]

It seems as if Carphone Warehouse want to give everyone who has shown some patience (or indecision) a little Christmas bonus. If you have managed to hold back and not ordered a Nexus S from the retailer, you will now get it for just £429.99 – that’s a whole £120 less than you would have been paying last week.

Today is when Google’s latest handset goes on sale officially in the UK and while this price cut is welcome news for those still deliberating whether or not to purchase the world’s first Gingerbread-running device, it must be a bit of a kick in the nether regions for those who have already bought the phone. The reason for the dramatic cut in price is not exactly clear but if we are allowed to guess we would assume that poor pre-order figures may have something to do with it.

The price fall doesn’t stop with the SIM-free version though, as you can now get a free Nexus S on a two year, £30-a-month contract with O2 and Vodafone compared to £35-a-month last week. A saving of some £120 over the lifetime of the contract. While the site listed the phone as on "back order" yesterday, by last night the phone was once again listed as “in stock” – which is good news for those hoping to see it under their Christmas tree come next Saturday morning. The price cut will help to appease those who complained about the price difference between the UK and the US when it was revealed two weeks ago - though those who have paid the higher price may not take much comfort in this fact.

Update (December 20, 2pm) Carphone Warehouse just issued a press release to say that the release date of the Nexus S in the UK has been pushed back to December 22. They also confirmed the price cut but we are still awaiting a reply to our question regarding the rumour that people who purchased the Nexus S at the old price will be reimbursed. We'll keep you updated.

Update 2 (December 20, 2.30pm) Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that all those who pre-ordered the Nexus S will benefit from the new lower price of £429.99. So Christmassy feelings all round then.

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