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Next Gen Archos 7 Android Tablet Leaks

Gordon Kelly


Next Gen Archos 7 Android Tablet Leaks

Let's close off this gangbuster of a week by reminding ourselves there's more than one tablet in the World worthy of attention...

Leaking today is the new Archos 7, the French company's next generation 7in Android tablet and bigger brother to the Archos 5. Furthermore, it's looking rather good.

Revealed specifications are an 800 x 400 pixel 7in touchscreen (type unknown), Android OS, 8GB of internal memory, stereo speakers, an integrated webcam, mic, SD memory card and mini USB slots along with a wide range of codec support including the ever requested, but much overlooked Ogg, Flac, AVI and MKV. Sadly no details were discovered as to the connectivity (we'd take WiFi as a given, though not 3G) or battery life.

That said, at just 203 x 107 x 12mm the Archos 7 is thinner than its forebear and therefore likely to be lighter than its 640g too. The main point of interest, however, will be whether Archos will finally meet Google guidelines to allow use of its main Market, Maps and Gmail features (seems a bit daft to continue ignoring them).

How much will all this set you back? Well, to reference a certain so-called tech messiah earlier this week: much less than $1,000. Except in this case we're actually talking about a base price of just £149.99. Yep, tasty.

As long as Archos doesn't let us down when filling in the last few blanks in the 7 spec sheet, it looks like the company could be onto a winner...


via ArchosFans.com

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