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Next Gen 1Gbit & 7Gbit WiFi Standards Go Head to Head

Gordon Kelly


Next Gen 1Gbit & 7Gbit WiFi Standards Go Head to Head

It took wireless n (802.11n) far too long to get its act together, but a battle is already breaking out for its successor which looks far more interesting...

Both the IEEE, founder of 802.11b and g), and new kid on the block WiGig this week announced significant developments to their proposed next gen WiFi technologies.

Taking the sensible route is the IEEE, which has confirmed '802.11ac' has started the voting process and could offer speeds of up to one gigabit per second. In the other corner is WiGig which has announced its self titled wireless standard is now complete and will perform at a potential seven gigabits per second - more than 10x the best wireless n configuration. Both will be backwards compatible with existing wireless standards.

Who will win out is far from just a question of speed however. WiGig has seen Nvidia joins its cause to line up alongside AMD, SK Telecom and TMC, but IEEE has had virtually everyone in its back pocket for many years now.

A 2012 timeframe has been put on 802.11ac (so hopefully we'll start getting consumer 'Draft' editions in late 2010/early 2011), while availability for WiGig remains unknown. Given the drag of wireless n and the obvious speed benefits of WiGig though it might be nice to see a young upstart win through this time around...


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