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iPod Nano Refresh and iPod Classic

The next big thing was the nano. As many had feared it is indeed short and squat, and may be rightly dubbed as the ‘iPod Phatty'. However, I have to say I was already used to it by the end of the evening.

The nano now gains the ability to play video, tying in nicely with the newly available TV content on iTunes in the UK. Probably not a coincidence that. It will also now be able to play games, such as Sodoku, developed for the nano by EA.

The display is 2in across and despite being smaller has the same 320 x 240 resolution as the larger iPod, which is impressive. As well as a new shape you get a cool new interface, which Gordon correctly called about a month and a half ago. It splits the display in two and gives you images from your albums on the right, which appear to ‘float'. It sounds odd, but works well. The nano will be available in two capacities - 4GB at $149 (£99) in silver only, and 8GB at $199 (£129) and five colours, including a charity related red.

Is the new nano, really, really, good looking? Or not?

For those who really want as much music as possible with them at once the only solution is the hard disk based iPod, which gets both a capacity revamp and a name - the iPod classic. The new start size is 80GB, yet is thinner than the old 30 giger, while the new big mamma is an astonishing 160GB - or 40,000 songs in your pocket, handy, should you be terminally bored. This size classic is still thinner than the old 80GB. Battery life is now 30 hours audio/5 hours for the 80GB version and 40 hours audio/seven hours video for the 160GB version. Prices are $249, (£159) and $349 (£229).

Finally, and least significantly, the shuffle gets a colour refresh. A new version of iTunes (7.4) is being released to support the new iPod touch and a new ringtone feature for the iPhone. Steve Jobs seemed very proud that you'll be able to buy Ringtones for the iPhone for only a $0.99 on top of the cost of the original track. He also announced that the 4GB version of the iPhone will be dropped and that the 8GB version will drop significantly from $599 to $399. Bodes well for the Europe release.

Oh, and guess what I spotted in the lobby of BBC TV Centre as I arrived. Gosh, the Apple hype machine really does travel far doesn't it... Funny, I always thought of the Doctor as more of a PC man myself.


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