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New U2 iPod Sings Out

Gordon Kelly


New U2 iPod Sings Out

After fronting Apple’s iPod ‘video’ campaign it seemed strange that no new U2 edition was immediately forthcoming, but fret no longer all deluded Bono groupies because it’s finally here.

As with the last one the changes are completely aesthetic with a red click wheel and black metal back (already scratched for you at the hands of the ageing Irish rockers). As before the device also comes with an iTunes money off coupon, but whereas the band had a (forgettable) new album to purchase back then this time around it is simply redeemable for 30 minutes worth of U2 music videos interspersed with interviews.

Everything else (30GB, 10.4 x 6.1 x 1.1cm, 136g, 14 hours audio battery life, the measly two hours for video, etc etc) remains the same. This exercise in marketing exploitation candour will cost you £239, which is an extra 20 quid over a standard 30 gigger. So if you’re a muppet (a new iPod must be on the way soon), a fan of four rockers well past their sell by date (where did the creativity go after Zooropa?), or for some reason must have a red click wheel rather than a matching black one then the U2 edition sounds right up your street.

The rest of us will wait a few months for the next iPod generation to debut then laugh at you once we’ve bought one.


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