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New Sony GPS Reacts To Finger Gestures

Gordon Kelly


New Sony GPS Reacts To Finger Gestures

Despite a rapidly improving product range the words ‘Sony’ and ‘GPS’ still don’t really go together but the NV-U51 is another step in the right direction.

Innovation is the main attraction point of this device since it has a screen that is neither widescreen nor particularly big (3.5in) in comparison to today’s class leaders (4.3in). Instead what it brings to the table is ‘Gesture Command’ a feature which enables users to simply sketch a line or shape on the NV-U51’s screen with a finger and the system will immediately begin to guide you to your chosen destination. Gesture Command can also be combined with common options such as ‘go home’ or ‘find the nearest petrol station’.

The thinking behind this rather ludicrously named feature is that it cuts through the often lengthy process of assigning the route to a GPS system (and anyone who has ever owned one knows what I’m talking about). To be fair it does sound an excellent addition, but – as with all tech products – the proof will very much be in the testing.

Behind this headline grabbing addition, the NV-U51 has a solid back up cast with the venerable SiRFstarIII GPS chipset powering its guidance, 512MB of embedded memory, up to six hours battery life and a new mount system which claims to stay secure either on a windscreen or dashboard (via ‘high adhesive flexible gel’ though, which sounds ominous).

The unit comes with one month’s free subscription to Speed Camera locations and an update service, but if you’re anything like myself or my fellow TrustedReviewer petrol heads (push bike Spode excluded) you’ll need a longer subscription than that.

The NV-U51 will be responding to all your digit’s gestures from December but when I asked for a price Sony couldn’t put a finger on it (*sorry*).


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