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New Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Video Tips Up


We may already know just about all there is to know about the soon to be available Samsung Galaxy Tab but if you just can't get enough then Samsung has you covered with a new official video.

This nine minute long clip is thankfully/annoyingly (delete as applicable) devoid of a voiceover and just has the device doing its thing. Highlights include a look at the tablet-optimised apps for email, calendar and contacts. Rather than the single screen apps of smartphones, these all incorporate dual panel layouts like their respective apps on the iPad, making it much more productive way to navigate. Certainly if you had fears that Android wasn't quite ready for tablets yet due to a lack of app support then Samsung has at least lead the charge so that hopefully other developers will follow soon.

Also demonstrated is the fact that you can use it make a call, which given the Galaxy Tab is small enough to grip with one hand (thanks to its 7in screen) is a more practical feature than it may at first seem. Of course, there is also a webcam and video calling is also demonstrated.

Does this make you more excited for the impending arrival of Samsung's new wundertablet, does it make you more frustrated that it's set to cost in the region of £700, or could you just not care less? Let us know in the comments.


Galaxy Tab Video

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