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New Samsung Camera Embraces WiFi & AMOLED

Gordon Kelly


New Samsung Camera Embraces WiFi & AMOLED

While digicams still struggle to get anywhere near to the quality of their DSLR big brothers (Panasonic LX3 excluded), they do come feature packed these days, and none more than Samsung’s latest…

The ‘CL80’ is equipped with just about everything you could want. The sensor is a whopping (and admittedly unnecessary) 14 megapixels with 7x optical zoom and 31mm wide angle lens, there’s also 720p High Definition video recording, HDMI connectivity, a huge 3.7in AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with haptic feedback and a microSD expansion slot (though I still little reason to move away from SD).

Beyond this the CL80 also embraces WiFi – which remains a surprisingly niche feature on digicams to date – and Samsung has integrated Facebook, Flickr, PhotoBox and Picasa and YouTube access so pictures and videos can be uploaded directly to these sites.

As for pricing and availability, Samsung is keeping quiet for now – but the CL80 certainly looks a good £250-300 worth of anyone’s money. Can the picture quality live up to the feature set? That’ll be the hard part…


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