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New Samsung Armani 1st Impressive Fashion Phone?

Gordon Kelly


New Samsung Armani 1st Impressive Fashion Phone?

Fashion phones, particularly anything with a designer brand name on them are a stupendously reliable indicator of overpriced, under featured rubbish. Until now?

The 'W8200' is the latest in Samsung's line of appalling Armani handsets and, you know what? It actually looks rather good. I hasten to add this isn't a smartphone, but you will find a 3.1in AMOLED touchscreen, sliding keypad, 5MP camera, HSDPA connectivity, Bluetooth and a microSD expansion slot.

The kink is the road is the DMB TV tuner which signals the handset is (at least initially) aimed at a Far East audience and I'm sure there are other hidden downsides that will inevitably kill off any essence of desirability for the not-too-rich-to-buy-idiotic-superficial-tech-gadgets-brigade. Consequently, there is no mention of important specs such as internal memory, size, weight, battery life, GPS or WiFi and - most fatefully - price.

Still, before our dreams die of a fashion phone that doesn't have about as much depth as the conversation at a catwalk runway we'll keep our optimism high. It's naive, but sometimes we all need a little white lie...


via Samsung.hdblog.it (Google Translated)


October 2, 2009, 5:00 pm

It does actually look pretty good, reminds me of the Tocco Ultra with the sliding keypad. One thing is the price, just because it has Armani on it.

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