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New Onkyo Stereo Amplifier and CD Deck Coming in June

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Onkyo has developed a formidable reputation in home cinema circles for its excellent receivers, walking away with more than its fair share of TrustedReviews awards in the process. Until now, though, for its own reasons, it hasn't pushed into the stereo amplifier market. This is set to change in June, though, with the company planning to bring two matching, slim-line units, an amplifier (the A-5BL) and an accompanying CD deck (the C-S5VL), to the UK.

Despite the challenging market conditions, the company is bullish in its prediction that consumers will spend the money they might have spent on a new car, holiday or kitchen, on AV and audio gear instead. It also cited the low attachment rate of AV receivers to TVs sold as an opportunity to expand the market, though this large gap is hardly surprising given even "budget" equipment can still be pretty expensive.

Returning to the new products, though, given this is early days the company remained tight lipped on technical details, only going so far as to the say they are aiming at entry-level audiophiles with a proposed sub-£500 price point for each unit.

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