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New Matrox Single-Slot Card Drives 8x 2560 x 1600 LCDs

Gordon Kelly


New Matrox Single-Slot Card Drives 8x 2560 x 1600 LCDs

Ready for something truly mental?

Matrox has announced the 'M9188', a new flagship addition to its M Series graphics card line, which can power up to eight 2560 x 1600 resolution monitors simultaneously. What's more, its eight DisplayPort or DVI Single-Link outputs and can be combined with a second M9188 to drive up to 16 displays, all from a single computer!

"The M9188 is designed specifically for professional monitoring environments that require visualization of large amounts of data at once to enhance mission-critical decision making," said Matrox Business Development Manager Ron Berty. "The expansive multi-monitor configuration allows system operators to accurately manage energy grids or train dispatch applications, while ensuring maximum performance across all displays."

2GB of memory is slapped onto the PCIe x16 card, yet it occupies just a single slot. It also comes in a slightly more sane 1GB edition (the 'M9128') which can drive a pair of 2560 x 1600 displays and can also be chained to double this to four. If this seems something of a drop-off, RRPs will explain a lot.

32bit and 64bit editions of Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server (2003/2008) and Linux are all supported and given I know a certain TrustedReviews editor who enjoys sitting in front of a dual 30in LCD setup I can already think of Matrox's first customer...

The two cards will launch before the end of the year with the M9188 priced at a mammoth $1995 and the M9128 coming in at $259 (that's not a typo). We've long had a soft spot for Matrox ever since its consumer 3D graphics cards and when it produces outlandish products like this I can't see that affection dropping any time soon.


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