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New MacBook Air Notebooks Use Flash Memory


New MacBook Air Notebooks Use Flash Memory

At a special event “Back to the Mac” this evening at its California headquarters, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled an updated Macbook Air – but the big surprise is that there are two of them.

The new Macbook Air is now available in 13.3in and 11.6in screen sizes, and Jobs referred to them at the launch as, “the future of notebooks”.

The 13.3in model has a 1,440 x 900 LED backlit display and is just 0.68in at its thickest point and tapers down to a 0.11in. It weighs 1.32Kg. The 11in model has a display resolution of 1,366 x 768.

Jobs described the new computers as a cross between a Macbook and the iPad, a claim made possible by the use of Flash memory, rather than mechanical or even SSD hard disks. Jobs said the Macbook Air 13.6in offered instant on, and seven hours of web connected battery life and an astonishing 30 days of standby. The 11.6in model can last for five hours away from the mains.

The 11.6in model will come in either 64GB or 128GB storage flavours, for £849 and £999 and the 13.3in model in either 128GB and 256GB options for £1,099 and £1,148.09 respectively.

The notebooks are made of a Unibody construction which should make it very durable. Both models are powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, running at 1.86GHz for the larger model and 1.4GHz for the smaller. Both sport NVIDIA GeFore 320m graphics and a multi-touch trackpad. A webcam is included, now dubbed as a Facetime camera, and this is now interoperable with Facetime on the iPhone 4.

Both models are available immediately from the Apple store.

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