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New Intel P67 Motherboards Shown Off


New Intel P67 Motherboards Shown Off

All the motherboard manufacturers we've seen at this year's Computex were showing off not just one prototype but several finalised motherboard designs based on Intel's upcoming P67 chipset. This is despite the CPUs that this chipset will support not being available until next year.

The new 'Sandy Bridge' CPUs use the new LGA1155 socket, which is incompatible with all previous sockets, making this the third incompatible socket that Intel has released in as many years. A fact that, although perhaps understandable on a technical level, is nonetheless extremely annoying.

As for the Sandy Bridge CPUs, they're going to be Intel's first chips to integrate the CPU and GPU on a single piece of silicon – the current LGA1156 chips have a GPU on the same package as the CPU but they're two bits of silicon – like the AMD Fusion chip we just saw.

All the boards seemed fairly dull with little of the fancy overclocking features to be found on current high-end boards. This is hardly surprising, though, as it generally takes several months for the motherboard engineers to work on these solutions. One thing notably absent, though, was USB 3.0. At least, some of the boards had USB 3.0 but because Intel hasn't supported the standard natively in its chipset – something the latest AMD chipsets already do - 3rd party controller chips are needed, which ever so slightly raises the manufacturing difficulty and cost of the board.

All we need to do now is wait half a year before the things actually arrive.

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