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New Firefox Beta Brings 'Private Browsing'

Gordon Kelly


New Firefox Beta Brings 'Private Browsing'

Yep, porn mode that's what we're talking about here...

The 'hotly anticipated' browsing option for Mozilla's (rightly) popular browser quietly launched today in Firefox 3.1 Beta 2. The mode - which automatically removes all traces of web page history, cookies and tracking information - has been a huge hit on Google Chrome and (though this troubles me) is one of the biggest reasons behind its near instant success.

Another key addition (which will no doubt be ignored by comparison) is Mozilla's new TraceMonkey JavaScription engine which the company claims will vastly boost the browser's efficiency in handling complex JavaScript and boost compatibility. Acid3 tests scores are also reportedly up scoring an impressive 93/100 compared to the 89/100 in Beta 1 - though it still has some way to go to match the perfect 100/100 attained by Opera 10 alpha. As a guide, Firefox 3.04 scores just 71/100. Sadly no sign of those Firefox multi-touch gestures however.

For the timid, the usual caveats come with beta software: potential bugs, instability, it will probably trash your third party add-ons (at least for a few days), etc - though if you're a fan of 'private browsing' *cough* I'm sure it'll be worth the sacrifices...


Firefox 3.1 Beta 2

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