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New Features on TrustedReviews


New Features on TrustedReviews

Our coding team have been busy bees lately and we're proud to highlight two new features designed to improve the usability of TrustedReviews.

The first, as the eagle-eyed regulars among you will have already spotted, is our Newsletter. Available on a Daily or Weekly basis, you can subscribe to any or all of our 20 review channels to create your own custom email newsletter. This will deliver the latest news and reviews tailored to your areas of interest direct to your inbox.

You can sign up here and once registered you will also be eligible to enter all future competitions - more details on those soon. Of course, if you would prefer to browse the headlines via RSS you can set up your reader using our wide range of existing feeds here.

The second feature, available from today, is our Refine Search function. Located at the top of every page, this bar allows you to drill down through our vast content database to find reviews filtered to your specific criteria.

You can browse by Brand, set minimum and maximum price bands, view top scoring products or hone a list of results according to technical specification such as size of TV or choose colour laser printers over inkjets.

So next time you want to upgrade your mobile phone and want to list the top-scoring Smartphones, it's just the click of a mouse button away.

Let us know what you think of these new developments - we're keen to hear your feedback.

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