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New Device Promises Mobile Phone Battery-Life Boost - page 2

A company called Batterylife AG has announced a device that it claims will enhance the staying power of Lithium-Ion mobile phone batteries.

The Activator is a special ceramic foil which is designed to extend the life of lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries – specifically the ones used in mobile phones.

All the user has to do is to take the battery out of their phone, wrap the Activator around it, and put it back in the phone. Apparently it only delivers the full effect once the battery has been fully discharged and charged up again five times but once done users will enjoy longer talk times and standby times.

The Activator works by preventing the generation of waste products that build up within the battery during use, as well as reducing the affects of those that do build-up. Batterylife is also claiming that it will have a positive affect on the environment, presumably as batteries will have to be disposed of less often.

At present the Activator is available from the Batterylife web site based in Germany. However, at the time of writing, UK distribution is being set up. If the Activator is as effective as it is easy to use, it could prove to be a real winner of a product.

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