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Network Free iPhone 3G On Sale In France

Gordon Kelly


Network Free iPhone 3G On Sale In France


Much in the same way T-Mobile destroyed our wallets when it temporarily sold network free first generation iPhones late last year in Germany, it seems France is doing its best to match up.

Retailer FNAC has now begun spitting out the legally unlocked devices and is hawking 8GB and 16GB editions for a whopping 799 euros and 899 euros respectively which - given the horrifying exchange rate - means a near identical conversion to GBP. In fact, at this rate they work out to be even more expensive than when T-Mobile slapped a 999 euro RRP on the 8GB original which translated to just £720 at the time.

Still, for those who can't wait for the iPhone 3G unlock which should be just hours away then this makes perfect sense over picking up a PAYG model for almost 50 per cent less. Oh, hang on, no it doesn't!

In related news a larger screen iPod touch is the latest Apple device to be banded around the wires pre-MacWorld 2009. 7in and 9in versions are most commonly discussed but a 5.5in to me would seem the logical size - unless we're stepping up to more of a tablet-esque product? I'm filing this one under 'Dubious'.

Not long now...


via AppleInsider

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