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Netgear Storage Central Turbo

Netgear was pushing its new Storage Central Turbo as the ideal partner for the Digital Entertainer HD and it’s easy to see why. The Storage Central Turbo allows you to install two SATA hard disks and keep your data safe by mirroring it across both volumes. Netgear doesn’t supply any disks with this device, allowing the end user to choose the exact make and capacity to suit their needs.

The Storage Central Turbo is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet link, so Netgear recommends that it is used in conjunction with its own Gigabit Wireless-n router for best results. But unlike a true NAS appliance, every PC on your network still needs to load client software to access the device. The upside of this is that the Storage Central Turbo will be seen as a standard drive letter on each PC, the downside is that other devices may not be able to see it at all. The original Storage Central that we reviewed about a year ago was only accessible from PCs, with no support for MAC or Linux systems, making it useless for my home setup. Hopefully this issue has been addressed with the Storage Central Turbo – I’ll let you know as soon as I get a review sample.

Of course once again Netgear is trying to address the general consumer, and whether we like it or not most households are PC only zones, so even if there is a lack of support for other platforms it probably won’t affect too many people. So, assuming you fall into the “PC only” demographic, you simply plug the device into your router, set it up with the installation wizard and load the client software onto all your PCs – easy! Personally I still prefer the flexibility of a true NAS appliance, but I guess I’m not an average consumer.

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