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Netgear Ships Streaming Media ReadyNAS Ultras

Gordon Kelly


Netgear Ships Streaming Media ReadyNAS Ultras

We've always had a sweet spot on TrustedReviews for Netgear's line of ReadyNAS network attached storage devices. The ReadyNAS NV+, Duo, Pro Business Edition, NVX and Stora all scored nine or above which is about as good as any company average we've ever seen. So excuse us for getting a little excited about the company's next major step forward...

The 'ReadyNAS Ultra' family comes with the grandiose declaration of the "Death of Local Media Storage" and what drives such confidence is their new streaming media functionality. In short the Ultras can encode, decode and stream HD video from any location to any DNLA certified device. It will even automatically format and size streaming video content for mobile devices or browsers - on the fly. Yep, pretty cool.

This functionality comes down to its embedded Skifta and Orb technology partnerships and if you happen to be in the US then Ultras can connect directly to TiVo boxes and act like native storage. Let's hope some Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview deals can be done too.

Away from this, the Ultras keep up Netgear's rock solid NAS tradition with its X-RAID2 functionality meaning hard drives of any size can be hot swapped at any time with the products automatically expanding the storage available. RAID 0, 1, 5 and 6 arrays are also supported.

Depending on your needs (and budget) two, four and six bay Ultras will be offered. The aptly named Ultra 4 ($599.99 MSRP diskless and $899.99 MSRP 2 x 2 TB) and Ultra 6 ($899.99 MSRP diskless and $1349.99 MSRP 3 x 2 TB) go on sale immediately with the Ultra 2 shipping in October (price TBC).

Yep, looks like the potential for more nines and tens to us...

Link: Netgear Ultra Family

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