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Netgear Announce Next-Gen WiFi Products

David Gilbert


Netgear Announce Next-Gen WiFi Products

Netgear claims to have started the wireless revolution15 years ago and at its press conference today in Vegas announced a slew of new products that will bring

Patrick Lo, CEO of Netgear, addressed the audience at CES today and pointed out that 40 percent of TVs currently being sold in Japan and Korea are now web enabled with the western market currently at 20 percent. Netgear clearly believe a connected home is the way of the future. The new products announced today are aimed at extending the wireless network in your home to allow seamless streaming of HD content throughout the house to multiple devices - as well as devices outside the home.

The first product on show was the 3DHD Wireless Home Networking Kit which claims to be the first solution capable of reliably delivering multiple jitter-free 1080p HD video streams throughout the home with no wires. It allows you to connect wirelessly to four devices throughout the home without need to change your existing setup.

The NeoTV HD Media Players 550 enables users to play video, music or photos directly on their HD TVs whether the content is stored locally or in the cloud. Netgear sees it as a one stop shop for organising all your digital media from all your wirelessly connected devices into one handy place. It also supports a myriad of media formats, which is handy.

The ReadyNAS Ultra 2 allows for media to be delivered to any DLNA certified devices from TVs to mobile phone and games consoles. It also supports multiple HD streams and can greatly expand your TiVo DVR. The ReadyNAS Ultra 2 also uses Orb technology to to stream and optimise media to mobile screens anywhere in the world.

Netgear announced five new routers, the most interesting of which was probably the 4G Broadband Wireless Router. While this may not be much use in the UK at the moment, it will no doubt be very interesting to consumers in the 35 US cities where Verizon switched on its LTE network. The N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Premium Edition offers high-end performance and offers new “apps” to boost its performance. Clear Channel Selector helps choose the optimum wireless channel in your area; Quick Start Steady Stream HD will mean a lot less buffering time at the start of HD streaming and Ready Share Remote allows for the sharing of USB content plugged into the router to anywhere in the world. All sounds very nice indeed.

One other handy product announced by Netgear was the Universal WiFi Range Extenders which plug into any wall socket and doubles the size of your wireless network, according to David Henry, senior director of consumer products. The Range Extender works with any router and seems like a clean and simple solution to make sure your wireless network covers your entire house.

All-in-all Netgear are looking to the future and see wireless networks in and out of the home as key areas in the development of not only the internet but also of connected devices. We are currently waiting on confirmation of price points and availability in the UK, but rest assured you will hear as soon as we will.

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