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Napster Now Available on Philips Streamium

David Gilbert


Napster Now Available on Philips Streamium

The power of the people it seems is well and strong. Only a couple of months after our very own über-reviewer, Hugo Jobling, bemoaned the lack of a Napster-like internet streaming service with the Philips Streamium MCi900, the tech company has announced just such a link up.

Users of Philips Streamium products in Germany and the UK can now access the Napster catalogue of over 14 million tracks, featuring 1.3 million albums from more than a million artists. So that should just about cover your music tastes then – although I’m not sure if Wagner’s greatest hits are on there – that’s X Factor’s mustachioed songster of course not the highly-respected German composer.

From this week the Napster streaming service will be available on the network music players - the NP2500 and NP2900 - as well as on the Micro HiFi System with Soundsphere - the MCi900. Philips has said that more products would be enabled in 2011.

Philips is also offering users a free, unlimited 30-day trial if they sign up for a Napster Unlimited account. The cost of the service will be £5 per month in the UK. Last year, Philips partnered with Napster on the Philips GoGear portable audio and video players.


November 16, 2010, 6:38 pm

Slight word of warning for anyone signing up to Napster - it can occasionally be a pain in the @rse to cancel. Not sure if the trial period can be cancelled online or not but the paying service requires a call that is rerouted to America and there is a lot of farting about. I've signed up and cancelled 3 times now (for varying reasons) and its always been a hassle in my experience.

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