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Napster Finally Reaches iPhone, We7 Available on Android

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Napster is now available at an iOS4 app, though only for US customers at the moment. The free app provides access to the streaming music service and costs $9.99 a month.

The app can be used with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and supports offline play, so you can cache songs from Napster’s extensive library of 10 million songs onto your iDevice – though not all at once, naturally.

This is the first time the US Apple owners have had access to a mobile streaming service, as Spotify Mobile, which launched in Europe in September 2009, is not yet available there.

When Napster does come to the UK Android owners will most likely be left out of the party at launch, so those looking for a Spotify alternative might want to look at We7, which launches today.

We7 also offers unlimited streaming music, an offline cached mode and background music playing, and while it also costs £9.99 there is at least a two-week free trial available. The company said the interface it has had a facelift from the iPhone version.

We7’s database only offers access to six million songs rather than Napster’s 10 million, but it’s not a bad start.

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