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NEC To Debut Dual Screen Tablet At CES

David Gilbert


NEC To Debut Dual Screen Tablet At CES

We’ve see dual screen laptops. We’ve even seen a tablet and netbook in one. And next month we'll see a dual-screen tablet at CES. We can't wait.

While we've seen some dual screen tablets before, they've never really caught the imagination. Hopefully today's announcement by NEC will change that. The Japanese manufacturer is going to unveil a 7in dual screen Android tablet at CES in Vegas on January 5. Details about the device are thin on the ground and a request for an image of the product was politely turned down, so we have to make do with a couple of mock ups – for now. One of the most interesting questions we want answered is how the screens will fit together?

What we do know is that the tablet – without a name so far – will have two 7in LCD screens, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and will run some flavour of Android – most likely Gingerbread. What is interesting though is NEC’s claims that you can run different applications on each screen independently of each other. Oh and you get a stylus pen included for precision pointing.

Last month we saw NEC’s LifeTouch emerge, a 7in Android-running tablet which the Japanese manufacturer is selling directly to the corporate market rather than to the general public. If we take this as a starting point, we could see a couple of these strapped together to make up the dual-screen tablet – however this would hardly be an aesthetically pleasing result.

We don’t know much more at this stage but with CES less than three weeks away now, we won’t have to wait long to get a glimpse at this device. Stay tuned for more information.

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