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MySpace Cuts Workforce By 30%

Gordon Kelly


UPDATED: MySpace Cuts Workforce By 30%

Facebook may get endless abuse from users about its continual home page meddling but it's clearly still wiping the floor with MySpace...

The world's second largest network (circa 125m vs 200m+) has said it will cut nearly 30 per cent of its work force in an attempt to become more efficient. MySpace had employed about 1,400 staff compared to Facebook which manages to operate with just 700.

"Simply put, our staffing levels were bloated and hindered our ability to be an efficient and nimble team-oriented company," said MySpace CEO and former Facebook executive Owen Van Natta in a statement. No reference was made to the economy playing a part (though with ad revenue down I suspect it didn't help) or the site's stagnating membership which has petered out over the last 12 months. By contract Facebook has nearly doubled its users over the same timeframe.

Personally I'm putting it all down to MySpace lacking a drive-your-users-crazy-with-an-ugly-revamp-every-three-months initiative. I predict it will join the heard with a Twitter copying makeover any time now...

Update 23.06.09: MySpace has also now cut its international staff from 450 to 150 employees and closed four offices. Sounds a little more drastic than efficiency and nimbleness now...



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