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Multiple Vendors Line Up 6600GT AGP Cards Cards

Gainward always makes graphics cards that are a bit different from the rest and the Gainward PowerPack! Ultra/1960 XP “Golden Sample” GLH is no different. GLH stand rather bluntly for 'Goes Like Hell'. The card uses 1.3ns memory, and runs at a speed-bumped 540MHz and also features video-in/video-out (VIVO). Gainward also has standard 520MHz and 500MHz versions.

If you looking or a cheaper and more standard card, Point of View, which describes itself merely as a, “European manufacturer of Graphic Cards”, has the informatively titled GeForce 6600GT AGP.

Finally, XFX, which has a strong presence in the UK market also has a 6600GT AGP card, which is available from all the usual online retailers.






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