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Multiple Vendors Line up AGP 6600GT Cards Cards


Multiple Vendors Line up 6600GT AGP Cards

With Half-Life 2 hitting the shelves it's no surprise that several graphics card companies have decided to announce the availability of AGP versions of their nVidia GeForce 6600GT cards. The 6600GT card is one of the most attractive upgrade options around today as it offers the ability to move to current generation DX9 graphics performance with Shader Model 3 support, without having to invest in a new PCI Express motherboard.

Albatron has actually announced both an AGP6600 and AGP6600GT in AGP form. While both have a 128-bit memory interface, the 6600 has a 300MHz core, while the 6600GT has a 500MHz core. The GDDR3 memory on the GT runs at an effective 900MHz, compared to 1,000MHz on the PCI Express versions.

AOpen has the Aoelus 600GT, and is bundled with the games Spell Force, Arx Fatalis.

Next, there’s the a 6600 GT, from Sparkle, a Taiwanese manufacturer aiming for the cost conscious buyer.





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