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Mtron Unveils World's Fastest SSDs

Gordon Kelly


Mtron Unveils World's Fastest SSDs

You thought solid state drives (SSDs) were quick? You ain't seen nothin' yet...

Mtron has brought Friday afternoon to a particularly pleasant conclusion with the announcement of by far and away the fastest line of SSDs ever made. The 'PRO 7500' series will run at ballistic speeds of 130MBps read and 120MBps read. Now let's put this in some perspective. Last week Ed fell for the siren-esque charms of OCZ's 64GB SSD and awarded it a maximum 10/10 for performance and 9/10 overall. The OCZ has read and write times of 100MBps and 80MBps - ouch...

In fact, Mtron's closest competitor is - funnily enough - Mtron. Last September it announced it had doubled SSD performance creating drives which operated at 120MBps read / 90MBps write. Mtron calculates this makes the PRO 7500 range 65x faster than current industrial purpose SAS HDDs, while consuming 60% less power while producing no noise and less heat.

The treats aren't over yet either since Mtron will be busting out these babies in capacities from 32GB to 128GB in both 2.5in notebook and 3.5in desktop-friendly sizes.

This new uber-line is being demoed now at the ‘DS Expo/10th Data Storage Expo in Tokyo' (14 - 16 May), but sadly Mtron hasn't yet hinted at a formal release date or (*big gulp*) pricing...


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June 17, 2008, 5:57 pm

Obviously there is a reality check missing here. MemoRight has been selling the GT series for months. These MemoRight SSD achieve accoriding to specs 120 MB/s read & write. The actual write speeds are more close to 130 MB/s!

Mtron is always claiming being the fastest, but MemoRight has had the fastest SSD's for months and the new Mtron will not change the situation. I'd expect a bit more sense of a editor, instead of repeating the Mtron marketing talk.


June 23, 2008, 9:59 pm

Hmmmmmn, so what you're SO RUDELY arguing flapsie is that a company which makes 120MBps read and write SSDs IN YOUR OPINION is faster than a company which has just announced 130MBps read, 120MBps write SSDs?!

Don't be so daft, and learn some manners.

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