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Mtron Range Doubles SSD Performance

Gordon Kelly


Mtron Line Doubles SSD Performance

In what is likely to be a brief respite from mp3 players today Mtron has made an exciting speed breakthrough with its latest line of SDDs.

The company has kicked out 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities in 2.5in and 3.5in form factors but the real kicker is it claims they will operate almost twice as fast as consumer orientated (ie: no silly money military stuff) models from their rivals.

In spec sheet terms this means the range can operate with incredible read speeds of 120MBps and just as impressive write speeds of 90MBps. Compare this to SanDisk's entries (67MBps read, unknown write), Samsung (65MBps read, 45MBps write) and Adtron (70MBps read, 55MBps write) and you'll see why these drives - if they hold up under testing - could blow the roof off this fledgling sector.

Mtron says its entire line of speedsters will launch before the end of September, but the dream model - a 128GB 1.8incher - won't appear until later in Q4.

Sheesh, I really wanted an SSD before this announcement. Now when I lick my lips I taste a little foam...


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