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Mozilla Names And Shames Slow Add-Ons

David Gilbert


Mozilla Names And Shames Slow Add-Ons

Frustrated at the continued decrease in speed of its Firefox browser as a result of certain add-ons, Mozilla has decided to name and shame the worst offenders.

This morning, Mozilla published a list of the top ten offenders with translation/dictionary add-on, FoxLingo named as the worst offender, slowing down Firefox at startup by a huge 74 percent. With the browser market becoming more and more competitive, Mozilla will have taken this step to try and make sure its browser remains nippy even with add-ons installed. One of the most ironic inclusions on the list is of course "FastestFox – Browse Faster” which doesn’t do what it says on the tin and actually slows down Firefox by as much as 33 percent.

Mozilla will hope that by publishing the list of offenders, it will encourage developers to create add-ons which don’t impact on the browser's performance. It is also planning further initiatives such as warning those about to download an add-on if that add-on will slow down performance by 25 percent of more. It is also planning to do automated performance tests on the top 100 add-ons hosted in the add on gallery.

Hopefully this will lead to better performance from Firefox in the long run, though we hope it won’t mean we will be seeing less add-ons as some of them can be very handy indeed.

Source: Mozilla

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