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Mozilla Launches Thunderbird 3

Gordon Kelly


Mozilla Launches Thunderbird 3

It may sound more like the beginning to a children's puppet show, but after more than two years Mozilla has launched Thunderbird 3. Surprisingly little fuss has been made about the new arrival with Mozilla yet to issue any kind of press release, but a swanky new Thunderbird homepage does tell us everything we need to know.

Perhaps key most is the addition of tabbed email. Yep, just like your web browser, Thunderbird can create tabs for easier navigation. This allows users to keep multiple emails open at once for easy access - a handy trick since we often refer back to one of two emails repeatedly (the ones with 'those' links).

On top of this Thunderbird 3 runs add-ons just like Firefox so if you want to add/subtract/customise the client's functionality you can until your heart's content. Meanwhile the initial setup has been simplified dramatically with more email providers supported by default so you simply need to enter your name, email address and password in the majority of cases to get up and running. Finally search gets an overhaul with filtering and timeline tools and results stored in a tab for easy reference.

As always, Thunderbird is completely free and a wholly credible alternative to Microsoft Outlook and weighs in at just 6.4MB. If you haven't been fully swayed to web-based email (I have) then this is the route to go down...


Thunderbird 3

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