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Mozilla Fennec Reaches Alpha 2

Gordon Kelly


Mozilla Fennec Reaches Alpha 2

Clearly taking no time off over Christmas is Mozilla...

Determined to improve our mobile browsing experiences as fast as possible, the Firefox creator has announced the release of 'Fennec alpha 2'.

"For alpha 2, we focused mainly on performance, improving the responsiveness of panning and zooming, both while pages are loading and when they have completed loading," said Mozilla in a slightly vague launch statement. "There are still many improvements we intend to make, including enabling TraceMonkey by default."

By contrast Mozilla claimed the first alpha was all about establishing the look and feel. If you do read on though you'll find faster panning, zooming, responsiveness and new content manipulation hooks for extension authors are all prominent.

Perhaps most interesting in all this however is that with alpha 2 come desktop editions of Fennec for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms to allow content and extension authors to experiment with the browser on their desktops. In fact this grab comes from me running the Windows edition (I know, the shame) and I have to admit it is rather nice.

As for mobile platforms sadly the Nokia N810 remains the only fully compatible device at present, but expect this to expand soon (I suspect Windows Mobile will be next up).

Skyfire, mobile Safari, Opera mobile/mini watch out...


Fennec Alpha 2

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