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Move Over Angry Birds Monty Python Is In Town

David Gilbert


Move Over Angry Birds, Monty Python Is In Town

There are not many places where the following quotes (in a terrible French accent) would sound right: “I fart in your general direction”, “I blow my nose at you so called Arthur King” and “Go and boil your bottoms sons of a silly person.” However in an online game based on the world of Monty Python they sound perfect.

Online game producer Zattikka has decided to create a whole world of online games collectively known as the Ministry of Silly Games. It will be a Facebook virtual world based around the surreal comedy genius of Monty Python. Set to launch early next year, it will include eight free mini-games including King Arthur's Knight Fight, a slash and hack against such foes as the Black Knight and the killer rabbit, and Gillaxian – a tribute to the classic arcade shooter Galaxian, done in the animated style of Terry Gilliam. While the games themselves will be nothing new, the infusion of the comedy stylings of Cleese, Jones, Palin et al will make them instant classics - if done properly that is.

However the geniuses at Zattikka have decided to give us a taster of what is in store in 2011 and released Camelot Smashalot which is an Angry Birds-style physics puzzle game which sees you toss pigs, hens, cows, bombs and of course Trojan Rabbits at fortifications and soldiers – similar to the classic scene from the Holy Grail. The true to the film feel of the game is rounded off by sounds of a French soldier mocking you if you miss the castle. In the film the character was played by John Cleese, though we're not sure if this is a reproduction of the film quotes or an actor impersonating (very well we may add) the venerable Mr. Cleese.

While the graphics may not have the cutesy colours and surroundings of Angry Birds, Camelot Smashalot makes up for this through comedy genius and the gameplay itself is quite addictive. So go and have a go here “you silly English Kniggets!”

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