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Motorola's 8MP Make Or Break Handset Revealed

Gordon Kelly


Motorola's Make Or Break Handset Revealed

It has been whispered around the Web that Motorola is planning one last major high end handset in an effort to save its floundering mobile phone business and this is believed to be it...

The ever resourceful BGR has grabbed this snap of what is believed to be codenamed the Motorola 'Alexander' (surely the ALXNDR by launch!) and it really is something of a surprise. Here's why:

What we were expecting was a fashion phone with 5/8 megapixel camera and what we have is a slider Qwerty smartphone based on Windows Mobile 6.1. Of course none of this excludes the possibility of at least a five megapixel camera in there but it isn't quite the crowd pleaser we'd imagined. Still BGR reports an nVidia 3D graphics chip Tegra? will be aboard along with aGPS and I'm sure WiFi and 3G can be taken as read.

A Q4 release date is also mooted, but I have to say: my hopes aren't high.

Still determined to kick out R&D deadwood expand its ROKR line Moto has gotten official on the EM25 slider, EM28 clamshell and EM30 candybar, essentially three different formats of the same phone (nothing like streeeetching that dusty design department). Consequently all three feature the same ROKR music interface as seen on the E8, an FM tuner and 3.5mm headphone jack. Cameras weren't mentioned by I suspected two megapixellers all round and the clamshell has a second external screen with touch sensitive buttons.

Ho and indeed hum. Expect that spin off before Christmas...


via BGR

The Mighty Ben

August 7, 2008, 7:53 am

What a ghastly looking phone. I think it's time to say 'Goodbye Moto'.

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