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Motorola Xoom Pricing Increased [Updated]

David Gilbert


Motorola Xoom Pricing Increased [Updated]

With the furore surrounding the launch of the iPad 2 last night, possibly PC World thought that sneakily adding £50 to the price of the Motorola Xoom would go unnoticed.

When the price of £449.99 for the 32GB Wi-Fi-only Xoom was put up on PC World on Tuesday, there were a lot of raised eyebrows. This was because it would mean that the Xoom would cost less here in the UK than the £490 those in the United States had to shell out. However the joy didn’t last long as the pre-order price of £449.99 was pulled on Monday and replaced yesterday with a new price of £499.99. This would seem more in keeping with what we had been hearing and would be the same price as the new iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi-only model.

When the initial price was posted earlier in the week, it was actually not possible to place a pre-order for the Xoom and this would lead us to think that PC World was simply testing its system, though why it would tease people with the lower price is beyond us. We have been in touch with PC World and we are awaiting confirmation of what exactly happened. With the Xoom launching in early April on this side of the world, PC World has indicated a delivery date of April 9 should you find that extra £50 and place an order for one of the 10.1in Honeycomb tablets.

The Xoom has been on sale in the States since February 24 however with the iPad 2 launching there on March 11 and March 25 over here, it will face some stiff competition to win over the tablet owning public.

Update: PC World got back onto us saying that the £449 price was a mistake: "This was simply a design error - the web designers were playing with the page ready for when we can announce and accidentally put it up . The page has now gone up with the correct price of £499.99."

Update 2:Carphone Warehouse has now put the 3G version of the Xoom on pre-order SIM-free for £599 and listed it as "In Stock" though deliveries are likely not to head out until early April.

Source: PC World

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