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Motorola Unveils MotoJewel For The Laaadies

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Unveils MotoJewel Phone For The Laaadies

Phone makers have dropped some pretty horrendous marketing clangers with their stereotypic 'female centric' handsets in recent years but at least here's one company doing more than just painting it pink...

Surprisingly that company is Motorola which having been through some terrible times seems to be slowly re-finding its focus. It has come up with the 'MOTOJEWEL' (the caps lock ends there), a clamshell phone for the laaadies which while still dropping a few generalisations does demonstrate a bit of initiative.

For a start its '3D crystal-cut' styling is surprisingly understated and well done while the mirror finish is likely to come in handy and though the purple interior is somewhat gaudy that's just my xy chromosomes kicking in. Furthermore, there hides some brains behind this apparent airheaded beauty in the form of an invisible-until-activated external OLED display with touch sensitive controls, Windows Media Player 11 drag and drop music playback and stereo Bluetooth connectivity.

Betraying its budget nature is no 3G, WiFi or GPS and a standard 2MP camera but SMS, MMS and Push email support is in there as well while a spring loaded hinge takes a leaf out of sun+glasses design and adds durability. The bundled leather case ('mini clutch' apparently) with a credit card, mirror and lipstick holder is also a nice touch.

As you might expect, the MotoJewel won't cost the earth either when it goes on sale for under £100 at the Carphone Warehouse in October. Silly? A touch, but there's a light hearted element of fun and some decent practicality in there too which definitely lift it above the norm.


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September 4, 2008, 7:22 pm

Get rid of that interior and it'd be one of the nicest looking phone on the market, would appeal to everybody and could have been one of the best selling phones of the year.


September 12, 2008, 12:37 am

Moto has lost it... god knows where on earth they employed those designers... back in stone age?

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