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Motorola Unveils First Android Powered BlackBerry Clone

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Unveils First Android Powered BlackBerry Clone

Ever wanted RIM to make a BlackBerry running Android? Motorola hears you…

The rejuvenated handset maker has announced the 'Charm', surprisingly the first Android smartphone we have seen to sport this renowned form factor. Sadly then, it really isn't all that exciting.

As is always the case when strapping a physical Qwerty keyboard to the facia of a handset, the screen is small – in the Charm's case just 2.8 inches and (by 2010 standards) a rather ho hum 320 x 240 pixels. That said it is a capacitive touchscreen and supports multi-touch.

Elsewhere we find a decent enough 600MHz CPU, HSDPA, wireless n, GPS, a microSD expansion slot and Flash Lite to bolster the Android 2.1 version it will ship with – though Android 2.2 with integrated Flash 10.1 will come sooner rather than later. There is no mention of what native memory is aboard (normally a sign that's its miniscule) and the camera is a bog standard three megapixeller. It will launch initially on T-Mobile in the US "this summer" and shouldn't set you back a great deal. Hopefully we'll get news of a global launch soon.

In short the Charm is only slightly more exciting that Motorola's last quirky form factor handset, the Flipout, but it is at least taking risks and that in its own right is a major step forward from where Motorola was a few years ago

Link: Motorola Press Release

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