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Motorola Unveils Android Smartphone On 15 September

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Unveils Android Smartphone On 15 September

While I have a sneaking suspicion that if we put all the leaked pieces together we have a near complete picture, it's good to see Motorola finally date an official Google Android announcement...

In an email sent out to tech journalists around the world today (ours is pictured below) we are told to "SAVE THE DATE" for 15 September for a London-based evening event. The official line was "Unfortunately, we are not able to give you any more details at present, however, over the coming weeks we will be able to reveal more." Still, the rather obvious giveaway is the combination of Motorola and Android logos in the top and bottom right corners.

So what can we work out ahead of time? I'd say quite a lot. Motorola has been in a dismal financial position for the last couple of years (read: RAZR induced failure to innovate), but did embrace Android publicly back in October. Since then we have seen a 2009 handset roadmap leak with some particularly ugly designs and a trusty iPhone clone. It was also revealed earlier this month that Motorola is planning to do-an-HTC and bring its own custom Blur UI to Android, something which could prove inspired or insipid.

It also looks as if the rather hideous Xperia X2/RAZR hybrid could be its first Android handset out the door, but we hope there are others quickly to follow. The last thing Motorola needs is to mess this up, because its running out of second chances...


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