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Motorola Readying TV Optimised Tablet


Motorola Readying TV Optimised Tablet

Motorola will release an Android powered tablet device later this year in the US in conjunction with Verizon’s FiOS service.

According to reports in the Financial Times, the device will feature a 10in display, and will come with an integrated TV package using the FiOS service. Verizon’s FiOS is a triple-play package of phone, broadband and TV, based entirely on a fibre-optical network, which would make it equivalent to Virgin Media in the UK.

The Motorola device is said to support Adobe Flash, and let users share its wireless data connection. It claims that the tablet will feature cameras front and back and be thinner and lighter than the iPad.

An Android powered Motorola Droid X, yesterday (image courtesy Engadget).

To bolster its claims of a TV package being offered, the FT points out that Motorola manufactures the set-top box for the FiOS network, so there is already a strong existing relationship in place. If the deal is right it could give the Motorola tablet a competitive advantage and if successful a UK equivalent package would hopefully be offered. Motorola also has solid experience with Android, having released handsets such as the Dext and the Droid X.

Intriguingly, the FT suggests that months before the iPad’s launch, Apple approached TV networks to reduce the price of TV shows for iPad users, or even offer a package deal – but was unable to persuade them to cut their prices. However, it does not provide a source for the claim.

Many manufactuers are lining up iPad rivals, such as Sharp, and several will be powered by Microsoft software.

Link: FT.com.

Link: Engadget Droid X Preview.

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