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Motorola Milestone (aka Droid) Hits T-Mobile UK

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Milestone (aka Droid) Hits T-Mobile

The Motorola Droid has made something of a splash over in the US, and now we've got more news about when you'll be able to get it in the UK. Thing is, it's weird...

Proving that Motorola still has the potential to screw up even when it has seemingly managed to nail the handset, the revelation is that the company has agreed an exclusive deal with - wait for it, an online reseller. Yep, not a network, not a highstreet chain, but an online reseller.

That company is Expansys and, to be fair, it is a reasonably well known and well established online business, but odd nonetheless? Most definitely. The key points are that from 7 December Expansys will be selling the Droid - or 'Milestone' as it will inexplicably be rechristened in the UK - for £449.99.

Even stranger is that a contact version on T-Mobile will also be released only via Expansys and with no availability through T-Mobile directly. At least the deal seems decent with a £35pm contract getting the Milestone for £49.99 and providing 700m of calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data allowance.

We're awaiting greater clarification on all this, but in the meantime it does seem Expansys has gotten itself quite the exclusive as US sales have already topped 800,000 for the Android 2.0 equipped smartphone.

Still, odd... very odd indeed.


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