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Motorola Milestone XT720 Update Boosts CPU Speed and Adds DLNA

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Motorola has quietly announced via a Facebook page that owners of the Milestone XT720 handset in the UK and Germany will be getting a software update that will increase the CPU speed to 720MHz.

While this may at first appear like a kind, generous and exciting freebie, it seems that the TI OMAP3440 processor was meant to run at that speed all along, but Motorola rather coyly decided to operate at just 550MHz. Was it just being shy up to now about the potential performance of its handset?

Very possibly Motorola felt that the XT720 was being left behind by Snapdragon powered Android handsets running at a beefier 1GHz and felt it needed to do something to lessen the gap.

In addition, the new update adds DLNA functionality - another feature that was on the original spec list, but didn’t make it to the launch handset. Better late than never we guess.

Perhaps to distract owners from being too disgruntled about not getting what they should have had in the first place, Motorola has produced a video offering, 5 Tips and Tricks on How to Get the Best From Your XT720, the highlight of which is the frankly bizarre combination of a very English accent and a rock soundtrack. So worth checking out.

Via: Engadget.

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