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Motorola Finally Making iPhone Rival

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Finally Making iPhone Rival

It is perhaps both to Motorola's credit and naivety that it remains one of the few handset manufacturers not to have attempted an iPhone rip-off. Until now...

Handed to Engadget Mobile by an anonymous tipster (hey, we like anonymous tipsters too!) is an unnamed but intriguing look alike sporting a large, full facia touchscreen, five megapixel camera with Xenon flash and TV-out.

Sadly all we have to go on besides that is what we can see to which we conclude a first for Motorola in a number of years: it's puuuurty. Turning my IQ back up (well, as up as it will go) and the big unanswered question here is not capacity or resistive touch, battery life, weight, price, HSDPA or GPS but something far more fundamental to the mental health of the company: OS.

Should Motorola stick to its own derided offering then looks are unlikely to be enough to stop this handset sinking without a trace. Windows Phone would do little better either since it won't appear until the end of the year and with Motorola's finances that would surely be too long. Windows 6.1.? Suicide. No, our hope is the stricken company will follow through on its major public Android endorsement late last year and bring us the first truly lust worthy hardware for this exciting platform, then ditch the RAZR and split into dedicated business units.

Anything else (besides stealing Web OS from under Palm's noses) could well be curtains...


via Engadget Mobile


February 24, 2009, 8:01 pm

I think it's a little unfair to keep referring to these phones as iPhone rip offs, the iPhone may have started all the manufacturers on the path of 'big touch screen, few buttons' design but now the iPhone hardware has been outdone in so many different ways that I think it's to that point where it's just as pointless as accusing every phone with a keypad of being a DynaTAC ripoff.


February 24, 2009, 9:35 pm

I agree. But I do find this thing strikingly similar to another big screen phone, the HTC Touch HD. Actually I find them so alike it looks like the same phone on the little thumbnail. Also, I guess we can expect this phone to be manufactured by HTC, since they seem to make all the smartphones on the market today. And this is why I am 99% sure this will run Windows Mobile.

But of course, I hope that I am completely wrong about everything I just wrote, and that this baby will actually sport Android in a swanky Motorola suit.

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