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Motorola Cuts 3,000 Jobs - 2,000 From Handset Division

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Cuts 3,000 Jobs - 2,000 From Handset Division

The potentially positive news that Motorola Android phones are on the horizon has fast been tempered this week following some heavy, if predictable, job cuts at the troubled mega-corporate...

With the aim of saving up to $800m Motorola has confirmed that approximately 3,000 workers will be made redundant both internationally and "across all businesses and functions" of which a "little over third thirds of these layoffs in the handset division". Not the fastest way to get those Android handsets out the door...

It also doesn't particularly bode well that the 25m euro loss recorded in Sony Ericsson's Q3 results - the first loss in its history - actually helped the manufacturer leapfrog Motorola in the mobile phone sales list, placing Motorola behind Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson. By contrast, in July 2007 Motorola was the world's second largest phone maker.

Against all this doom and gloom, Motorola currently has almost 66,000 employees so we aren't talking about a total destruction of its workforce here and - if moves like this keep angry shareholders at bay - it may just provide the company with enough breathing space to turn itself around.

Optimism... in a global recession. Well, you have to start somewhere...


via PC World

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