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Motorola Cancels RAZR 3 - Finally Sees The Light?

Gordon Kelly


Motorola Cancels RAZR 3 - Finally Sees The Light?

Motorola has had some tough times in recent years and that was before the credit crunch so now it is really having to pick its battles carefully and this looks like a fine one to concede...

The RAZR it seems is no more with Unwired View reporting the troubled manufacturer has made a modus operandi about turn and scrapped the idea of yet another raft of incremental upgrades to a once popular and now somewhat derided brand.

The big casualty of course in all this is the 'RAZR 3' - codenamed 'Ruby' (prototype pictured) - which was thought to be seeing the light sometime in early Q1 2009. The decision apparently comes after less than stellar sales of the RAZR 2 and its equally incremental offshoots - even if the combined RAZR lines only lost out to the iPhone 3G as the most popular US handset earlier this month. To be fair however there are about 50 of them...

Pleasingly though the company's decision is also said to be motivated because the RAZR 3 would've been based on the Symbian UIQ platform and Moto now wants to fully devote itself to Android and the Symbian Alliance's first open OS.

If you want my opinion - and I'm sure you don't do - Motorola has dodged a bullet here. The buzz around Android is such that even a mediocre piece of hardware like the T-Mobile G1 is selling like hotcakes, so what if you put it on something half decent... Besides, while the 'RAZR' is the handset which made Motorola , the company may now avoid the horrible cliché of it being the handset to destroy it...


via Unwired View

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