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Another pleasant surprise was finding Japan based NHJ at the show. The NHJ stand featured some truly innovative products.

The VP328 is a flash memory digital audio player that’s available in 128, 256 and 512MB flavours. The device has a USB connector built-in so there’s no need for a cable, but many digital audio players have a built-in connector. What makes the VP328 special is that it has integrated stereo speakers.

The VP328 disguised as a standard digital audio player.

The device folds apart to reveal the USB connector and the speakers. Sound quality is obviously going to be limited by the size of the speakers, but it’s definitely an unusual and quite cool feature.

Open up the VP328 and listen to your music without headphones.

The VP328 can also encode MP3 directly via a line-in port and it also has a built-in voice recorder. If there’s one disappointing aspect it’s the rather dated USB 1.1 interface that the VP328 employs.

Slightly more conventional is the VP318 which is an attractively styled digital audio player that ships with either 256 or 512MB of integrated flash memory.

The VP318 will playback MP3, WMA and WAV files and features direct MP3 encoding through the line-in port. There’s also a built-in FM tuner and it’s possible to record from the tuner to the memory as well.

Generous helpings of integrated memory and an SD card slot.

But again there’s something special about this device. Despite its diminutive size and generous integrated memory, the VP318 also sports an SD card slot, so you can expand the memory as much as you like. Power comes from a single AAA battery and you can expect 13 hours of playback.

Also on show was the VHD-2000. This is a very small digital audio player that sports a 2GB hard disk. There’s also a built-in FM tuner, voice recorder and the ability to encode both MP3 and WMA directly.

2GB of storage wrapped up in a very small and stylish package.

Looking like something out of a 1960s Sci-Fi show was the TV Watch and the name pretty much says it all.

TV anytime anyplace.

What you get is a digital watch with a 1.5in colour TFT screen and Sony micro TV tuner. The built-in lithium-ion battery should give you around three hours of TV. At present the TV Watch only comes with an NTSC tuner but there are plans to produce a PAL model.

But without a doubt the most impressive product on the NHJ stand was the DV-5 camcorder. This device is tiny, but inside is a 3.2 megapixel CCD and a 2GB hard disk.

A digital camera, camcorder and MP3 player that fits in your pocket.

The DV-5 can capture MPEG4 video at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 at 30fps. It can also capture still images at the full resolution of the CCD which equates to 2,048 x 1,680. The DV-5 can also be used as an MP3 playback device.

The fold out screen will be a cutting edge OLEP unit.

The 2.16in colour screen is an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) unit which should ensure as little power is used as possible. All in all, the DV-5 is a cutting edge pocket size media studio.

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