Looking around the smaller stands at a show like CES can sometimes turn up some great products, and that’s exactly what happened this year. Ximeta is a company that creates affordable network attached storage, or to quote the company Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS).

What really caught my eye was a box containing a 250GB hard disk that was also an 802.11g wireless router, with Ethernet ports to boot.

An external hard disk with built-in Ethernet router and 802.11g wireless functionality, simple yet brilliant.

This device isn’t due to hit the market for a couple of months yet, but it looks like a real winner to me. Not only do you get a wireless router with the latest protocol, but you also have a large hard disk that every machine on your network can have access to. Just think about it, you can use the disk for backup and file sharing and the wireless functionality means that you’ll be able to access the disk from anywhere in your home or office.

There is already an Ethernet only version available, but I think that holding out for the wireless box is the smart thing to do.

The bread and butter products are basically external hard disks that are network attachable. So, if you’ve got a network in your home or office you can just plug one of these boxes into your switch and instantly have a hard disk accessible to everyone on your network, without the need for another PC to be powered up.

The NetDisk gives you simple affordable network attached storage.

The NetDisk is fitted with a standard 3.5in hard disk and comes in capacities from 80GB all the way up to 250GB. Also, you’re not limited to Ethernet connection, since the chassis also sports a USB port in case you want to connect directly to one PC.

Connection is simple via Ethernet or USB 2.0 if necessary.

However, the USB functionality is going to be more useful for the Mini NetDisk which shares the functionality of the NetDisk but employs a 40GB 2.5in hard disk.

Of course the Mini NetDisk can be connected via its Ethernet port, but being smaller it can be used as a portable USB 2.0 compliant external hard disk as well.

The Mini NetDisk is small enough to transport yet shares all the functionality of its big brother.

Of course you don’t get the security of a RAID 0 configuration like with most NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes, but Ximeta is providing a very simple and far cheaper solution for non mission critical environments.

The USB 2.0 port will be pretty useful on the Mini NetDisk.

To learn more about Ximeta and its products click here


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