Gigabyte had a pretty big stand stacked full of motherboards, graphics cards and network devices. Nestling among all the standard fare was a DVD writer with dual layer support and 16-speed DVD+R write capability. Of course on paper this looks like a great unit, but it all depends on how long it takes Gigabyte to bring it to market.

It’s safe to assume that every optical drive manufacturer has got a 16-speed DVD+R drive coming down the pipeline, so whichever company brings one to market first has the chance of cleaning up. That said, unless this device can write at 16-speed to lower rated media, all the new drives will be at the mercy of the media manufacturers.

Evident once again was the G-MAX small form factor box that I first saw at CeBIT earlier in the year. This still looks like it could be an interesting product, with its side mounted card reader which will potentially leave the 3.5in bay free. But the longer that Gigabyte takes to bring it to market, the greater the chance that more innovative products will arrive to steal its thunder.

Looking even more interesting was the truly tiny Mini PC T6. This is a very small form factor PC barebones chassis based on the Intel 865G chipset for Pentium 4 CPUs. The T6 is very slim and takes up almost no room when mounted vertically.

There were both white and black versions on display, but this little wonder also has interchangeable colour fascias, in case you get bored of the way it looks.

At the rear you’ll find a full array of ports including DVI, serial and parallel. It takes the removal of a single small screw to access the innards of the T6. Once this screw is removed, you simply tug on the handle at the rear and the whole motherboard slides out on its mounting plate.

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