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My second day at Computex kicked off with a meeting with VIA at 7:30am! Since I only finished the last report at about 5:45am I’ve still yet to grab any sleep since I touched down in Taipei.

VIA is obviously promoting the Socket 939 platform here with some help from AMD, but there’s also a big push for the convergence side of PC technology. I know that convergence is probably the most overused word in the technology industry, but it does appear to actually be happening now. Anyway, VIA will be having an all-day press event tomorrow, so I’ll stop by there and get all the details.

Back on the show floor I wandered onto the FIC booth. Now anyone who’s been reading TrustedReviews for a while will be aware that the Elonex eXentia Media Center PC is actually manufactured by FIC, so I was keen to see if the company had turned its skilled design hand to anything new.

Of course there was an eXentia on display, but also on show was FIC’s non-integrated Media Center solution. I first saw this box of tricks at CeBIT earlier in the year, but this version is a little slimmer than the one on show in Germany.

What you have here is basically a living room entertainment system that will do everything from record TV, to playback WMV9 content, while also acting as your DVD player. Of course FIC isn’t the only manufacturer trying to produce a product like this, but if the finished article turns out to be as good as the eXentia, it could have a winner on its hands. This latest model was showing off some WMV9 High-Definition content, and it looked stunning. FIC indicated that the unit should be ready to go live around September time, but I’m hoping that the design will undergo a bit of a facelift before then, since I’m not sure I’d want it sitting under my TV looking the way it does now.

Also on the FIC stand were a couple of small form factor boxes. Well to be fair they were a bit bigger than your average SFF system, but there was no information relating to what was inside, and I couldn’t find anyone who knew anything about them. The rounded model looks like it could have an integrated speaker system, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the built-in subwoofer sound setup in the eXentia. It also has a carrying handle, indicating that it could be aimed at the LAN party brigade, or maybe just the user who likes to move it from one room to another.

There was also a tiny Bluetooth headset on show, but from the documentation it appeared that this device works with an adapter for your home phone rather than a Bluetooth enabled mobile.

Finally, there was a small all-in-one machine with a very unique design. The machine, branded Everex has a single sloping fascia, where the screen melds seamlessly into the keyboard. I have to say that I quite liked the look of it, but having the integrated keyboard could make it difficult for some users to find a comfortable working position. That said, anyone used to working with a notebook shouldn’t have a problem.

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