I was quite surprised when I wandered onto the Chicony stand since I hadn’t heard from this company for quite a while. I can vividly remember seeing vast numbers of Chicony branded keyboards shipped with PCs back in the mid-nineties, but I haven’t seen any for a long time now.

What interested me the most on the stand were a couple of MPEG-4 camcorders. These tiny devices both sported 3.2 megapixel CCDs, and could capture still and moving images. MPEG-4 is the ideal format for small pocket sized camcorders like this, since it will keep file sizes down to a minimum but maintain reasonable image quality.

Pocket video cameras from Chicony.

There was of course a massive amount of keyboards on display, but bizarrely, when I tried to photograph them I was told that I wasn’t allowed and escorted from the stand!


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